Why He Stopped Calling You !

 http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/campaign-9%282%29.jpg It  happens suddenly without any warning your relationship is humming along and you’re finally starting to really see a future with this guy, when thud! He’s gone so fast there’s no time to say, “Um, what just went wrong?” Honestly, even if he delivered some sort of explanation, you probably can’t take it at face value. If you really want to know what happened, read on for some of the reasons we stage our escape and how you can help prevent this from happening to you again.

 He assumes you’re dying to settle down (even if you’re not)
 After a few months, guy's often think that women want something more. Even if you don’t, we may just think you do based on your past experiences. That you never stop talking about. So unless you make it crystal clear that you’re fine keeping things casual, we could start feeling the walls close in. If we feel the days are gone when it’s fine for us to talk to other girls or go out with the guys without asking you first. Start waving bye-bye. This perceived lack of  freedom can put many of us guys on edge, convincing us to make the leap back to the single life.

  He does want to get serious, but you’re not Miss. Right
It’s true, lots of guys aren’t commitment shy and want to settle down. If you've been dating awhile, your conversations have typically shifted from superficial topics like, say, how much we like your smile to more meaningful matters. Like our views on life, marriage, vacations and kids. It’s about this time that a man begins to discover what values this woman has vs.what his own are. Maybe he’s discovered some major differences. He might begin to talk about his dreams of moving to another country, while you are all about stateside life. Or he might be looking to start a family, while you’re focused on your career. Once these priorities become apparent, they can convince a guy to cut ties if he thinks you’re incompatible. Think of the bright side, he probably just came to the same conclusion that you would have eventually.

 You’ve gone from it's cool to accusatory
In the beginning of the relationship, it's easy to let small things slide. For example, maybe he was late for a date due to traffic or didn’t call one night when he said he would. No problem! You know traffic can be unpredictable, or work can get busy. But as things get more serious, your forgiving attitude can sometimes transform into the very thing we as men dread. Indications that you’re disappointed, or annoyed, or angry about the very same things you once took in stride. When you call, to say stuff  like, "How come I haven’t heard from you all day?" Or "how come you didn't answer my text?" That’s when we get close to the pushing the eject button. I'm not saying you should just smile and accept bad behavior, but give your guy the same slack you’d give your friends, your girls and your family, and we won’t feel like the long leash you once gave us is getting shorter and shorter… 

He’s addicted to the thrill of the chase
Call it immature (because it is), but some guys really just like the pursuit. After you mate it's the beginning of the end. Here is an inside tip on spotting and avoiding these guys. At every turn, they’ll be pulling all the stops to convince you to try things you’re not quite ready to do. Weather it be sexually, socially, or physically. If you don't submit to their ideas, you won't hear from them for a while, like you're being punished. If you feel uncomfortable stating your reservations or putting on the brakes, that could be a sign you’re uncomfortable with him. Consider yourself warned.

 You’ve gotten comfortable...  too comfortable
Now, it’s great to get to the point in a relationship when you’re no longer being painfully polite or self-conscious. That doesn’t mean we want you acting so comfortable that it feels like we're hanging with our boys, either. Unless you really want to be treated like one of the boys. After a few dates, you women usually let down your guard and start to show us a little more of who you really are. Beyond the hair color, spray tan, botox, breast enhancement, colored contacts, make-up, nail and hair extensions, and high heals. Don’t worry, that's a good thing, but it's here that you’ll want to be careful. Have you downgraded from showing up for your dates looking "Hot" to baggy jeans, sweatshirts, and flip-flops? Has your dinner conversation turned to griping about your family, work, your ex, or what your trainer said during your last gym session? These, dear ladies, are mood-killers and you gain nothing from appearing this way or telling us about these things, at any point in a relationship. Save it for your girls. Can there be something so important that you need to discuss, that it can't wait till the end of the game, or at least the the commercial? Also when you trade your sexy lingerie for sweats and over size t-shirts, even having a wedding ring on your finger won't save you. If sweats are the best you can do at bed time, get a dog. Keeping a little clever romance and mystery going is something that will never work against you. Neither will having an intelligent discussion on current events over dinner. Even if our opinions don't agree at least it shows us you have one. We respect that. It really boils down to honesty and communication girls. Don't hold it in. Tell us not everyone else. If he never has time to hear what you have to say, move on cause he has. There it is. It's what I think and I'm sticken to it. Good Luck...


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