How To Cure A Hangover... I Think

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 You've made your peace with Christmas Past, Present and Future. But your glass was never empty the night before. Has it been so long that you possibly may have forgotten what penance you've signed on for? And with New Years Eve right around the corner...

 We have all experienced that horrible feeling the day after drinking too much…yep the dreaded hangover.  Some get hangovers worse than others, but depending how much you drink, sometimes you just can’t avoid having a one. What if you could fix a hangover, before it happens or even first thing in the morning? Plenty of people have their own theories on treating hangovers, such as drinking plenty of water before, during, and after drinking. Not always workable when you are out clubbing.  Your not going to order a water with that shot of Jaegar-Bombs!?!? (but you should) Yeah, its a good theory and would work fine if you work in the water, but your out to have fun, not to make sure you drink water every hour. Now our chief culprit is a chemical called acetaldehyde. This is an alcohol by-product that research thinks may cause the worst of your hangover symptoms. Congeners are another cause of hangovers. These are impurities created during the fermentation process in some types of alcohol. Low quality wines and many dark liquors tend to have high levels of congeners. The rule of thumb is the darker your drink, the worse the hangover.

Here are some pros and cons of the cures I've found.

Hair of the dog:
Drinking a little more alcohol in the morning, be it a bloody Mary or otherwise, it might provide the mild numbing effect to ease you back. Can't say I'm not guilty of this one. But you should fight that temptation. Really you're just prolonging your misery, and your liver will really be working overtime now!

Anything with "Hangover" in the name: If it says it cures hangovers, it doesn't cure hangovers.  The best part of these pills and powders is the water you're drinking to chase them down.  Some products recommend a full glass with each dose.  The more water the better. Yet none of these potions are more effective than a multivitamin, which itself is only marginally useful.

Good breakfast:
A good meal can do wonders, particularly if you have it while drinking.  But there's still hope the next morning. Bananas and kiwi replenish the body with the potassium it craves, lost during the many trips to the toilet the night before.  There is fruit and juice which is helpful.  Burnt toast, often recommended, won't work.  The burnt carbon isn't the same as activated carbon and doesn't filter alcohol, and really do I have to have a hangover AND eat burnt toast!

Headache pills: 
 Ah, your headache is gone.  But your liver took some more abuse, particularly if you are using acetaminophen, as is found in Tylenol. Acetaminophen is by far the most common cause of liver failure in the United States, and combined with alcohol it can be deadly. One or two pills are usually safe, depending on the amount of alcohol in your system.  Aspirin can be helpful before sleep and upon rising with plenty of water, but only in moderation. Aspirin, a blood thinner like alcohol, spares your liver but increases the risk of bleeding in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract

Coffee, a vasoconstrictor, and it can temporarily can improve your headache by decreasing the size of blood vessels.  This counteracts the effects of alcohol, bringing you closer to equilibrium.  Then again, coffee can make you edgy and actually can CAUSE headaches for some people.  Also, like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic, making you even more dehydrated and increasing the severity of the hangover.  When the caffeine wears off, you will be even more tired.

Sleep is the best cure for a hangover, but for many people this is a luxury. Who has time to sleep when you have to work the next day or, worse, have to clean up from the party and get the stains out of the sofa? The punch line here is that the day after heavy drinking will always be miserable, no matter what you try, and the only solution is to not get so drunk in the first place — easier said than done at this time of year. I know! Here's a short vid with some more good tips..."My Name Is Doc Masters And I Approve Of This Message."

Have A Happy New Years Eve! Everyone ... Have some food along with that wine and an occasional water between glasses of wine and you'll do fine...Good Luck...


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