What About Vitamins?


Vitamins are essential for normal cellular function and health. Having a deficiency in any of the individual vitamins can give rise to disease and a number of complaints. 

Deficiencies can go unnoticed for many years until illness develops. Sub-clinical and frank deficiency can arise either from inadequate intake, abnormal metabolism, excessive excretion or because of an underlying disease process. It can also arise because of imbalance in other vitamins or minerals since these nutrients interact with each other. Regardless of how they arise, if allowed to go unnoticed then your health becomes compromised.

Some groups particularly at risk for vitamin deficiency are:
  • Pregnant women and lactating women, who are at risk for vitamin A deficiency and folate deficiency, for example.
  • The elderly who often live a sedentary lifestyle and are at risk for a broad range of deficiencies including vitamin D deficiency, vitamin B1 group deficiency and low antioxidant vitamin status.
  • Those on special diets such as the strict vegetarian who are at risk for vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • those having an existing conditions which may affect absorption or storage of nutrients.
 A vitamin profile blood test will help you to discover if you have a particular vitamin deficiency  that could be affecting your health. You will know which vitamins to pay attention to, allowing you an effective and rational approach on any dietary or supplement changes. It could also save you the trouble and expense of embarking on a course of unnecessary vitamin supplementation. Some vitamins in excess can be detrimental to your health. So what we know is that it isn't wise to just embark on a vitamin supplement program with out some baseline facts in place. You could just be throwing your money down the drain.

If, I haven't convinced you yet or you're just busy or chicken to get a blood test. This Dr.Weil web site offers a rather elaborate questioner method for determining your vitamin needs. Keeping in mind now, that it can't tell if you have any deficiencies just what levels of which vitamins you should have to suit your lifestyle         https://www.drweilvitaminadvisor.com/  Personally the way I look at it is, if you guys aren't juicing, drinking many juices, eating fresh fruits, nuts and veggies, what are you waiting for?  Me I'd rather rely on my fresh grown produce for my vitamins, than some synthesized version of nutrients. But if you can't or won't eat  healthy foods. Get a deficiency test and supplement accordingly.
Good Luck...


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