Friday, October 8, 2010

Tulsi Tea


 Lots of People ask me "After a day of Red Bull and Coffee,What can I take to help me relax ?"

Well in India, the Tulsi herb has been widely known for its health-promoting properties. For mind,body and spirit for over 5000 years. Commonly called "sacred" or "holy basil," Tulsi is a principle herb of Ayurveda, India's ancient holistic health system. Ayurveda means "knowledge of life." With the herbs lying at the very heart of Ayurvedic practice. The tradition continued for many generations until the earliest known written texts around 5000 BC. The ancient Rishis ensured the use of Tulsi into daily life by incorporating it into religious rituals.
Today, Indians worship Tulsi as a sacred plant. It is a part of Indian households, typically grown in earthen pots in the family home or garden.

 Stay Calm and Relaxed:

Certain herbs have been discovered to induce resistance to stress called, State of Non-specific Increased Resistance, or SNIR
Agents that improve the capability of an organism to adapt to stressors are called adaptogens. According to Dr. Narendra Singh, author of Tulsi  The Mother Medicine of Nature, an adaptogen must fulfill three requirements.
It must:
  • Be innocuous in nature
  • Promote normal physiological functions of your body
  • Induce a SNIR in the human organism, so the body copes better with stress
And of all the herbs Dr. Singh researched, Tulsi ended up being one of the best adaptogens.

It simply means Tulsi, can help to relieve stress, helping you to relax and stay calm.

On those days when life has got you ripping your hair out, and you're about to go POSTAL ... have a cup of Tulsi tea and R E L A X  zzzzzzzz. Good Luck...


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