My First Tip !

   Don't let anyone tell you how to spend your gym time. This is your time and you cant waste it. Just getting there is 2/3 of the battle. Work out hard and fast or slow and socialize. It's up to you. You've already come through the door so you are doing more than most of the adult population on the  planet ! When it comes to working out, take it from me and the tortoise "slow and steady,wins the race". If your in the gym and you want to be healthy, you don't have to have the most aesthetic body to accomplish that. This Blog will be dedicated to making ideas on fitness, mine and others available in order to aid you along the path of a healthy lifestyle. Remember you get out of fitness what you put in. So if you're not getting anything out of it , put a little more in, a little more often and see what happens !! 

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