Electronic Cigarettes 101

        Electronic cigarette use in America has skyrocketed

Their use has tripled over the past 12 months, my local convenience store owner tells me. Creators and product users now say that you can enjoy a cheaper less damaging cigarette without the bad smells, second-hand smoke, or cancer causing chemicals. Everyone knows the disadvantages of smoking tobacco. Prices of cigarettes are becoming unreasonable, and many states have banned public smoking altogether. These day's you can count on non-smokers getting publicly upset when they are effected unwillingly by second hand tobacco smoking.

Enter the electronic cigarette, which is an electronic smoking device. It provides all the experience of smoking a real cigarette without some of the problems. It looks, and smokes like a regular cigarette, but it's much better, you can add any flavor you like. When you smoke an electronic cigarette, you are smoking the nicotine that a smoker craves, without all of the tar, smoke, rat poison, and other cancer causing chemicals. There is no ashes to deal with and no disgusting cigarette butts to litter, that makes it an Eco friendly product. It is also non- flammable, which means you don't have to worry about setting California on fire by throwing butts out the window, and you never need to buy another lighter. Another huge benefit of the electronic cigarette is that it is very cost effective. Each box of nicotine cartridges used with the electronic cigarette is worth six packs of cigarettes, and only costs about ten dollars. That is a major money saver. The electronic cigarette has other benefits for a person who already smokes cigarettes regularly. When you smoke the electronic cigarette, you are not emitting second hand smoke. The smoke that is created from the electronic cigarette is nothing but a harmless vapor mist. For this reason, it is allowed in almost any place, including smoke free restaurants and even hospitals. You also do not ever have to worry about lectures about lung cancer since the electronic cigarette does not contain tar, tobacco, poisons, or harmful chemicals. There are even nicotine cartridges available that have vitamins in them, and the nicotine is optional. You can opt to just inhale one of the hundreds of different flavors, sans nicotine. This practice is called vaping, and there are new vaping coffee houses opening daily. I personally vape a body building supplement.

The reality is, although long term effects of e-cigarettes are not proven, some have had success quitting tobacco cigarettes by using them. None of the e- cigarette manufacturers have officially submitted their products for testing. Most e-cigarettes are created to look exactly like regular cigarette. Electronic cigarettes contain an LED battery that is the white tube of the e-cigarette (the area of a regular cigarette that would be paper filled with tobacco.) The tip of the battery even glows red when drawing on the cigarette to mimic the fire on a regular cigarette. The next part of the e-cigarette make-up is a small "atomizer" that fits in between the "filter" and the battery tube. This atomizer is what vaporizes the nicotine liquid that is contained in the filter. The filter that is connected to the atomizer contains the nicotine liquid. It is the only part of the e-cigarette that is replaced. As you drag on the e-cigarette, the battery 'lights' and charges the atomizer. The atomizer then turns the liquid nicotine into a vapor. This liquid nicotine is a solution of nicotine, water and propylene glycol (PG). PG and water are similar to what is used in fog machines. It becomes a harmless vapor mist similar to the mist that comes out of a vaporizer in a room, not smoke. A typical way to begin using e-cigarettes is to buy a starter kit. This will usually include one or two LED battery tubes, one atomizer, five to ten filters of different nicotine levels, low, medium, high, and a charger. Or try an inexpensive disposable model from you nearest convenience store.

 Now I know there is a lot of athlete closet smokers out there. (Yes there are, I've been to the after tournament parties)  E-cigarettes are a much safer way to satiate you oral fixation. Also parent smokers can feel good about being a role model to steer youngsters away from traditional cigarettes. For those of you trying to quit altogether, I applaud your efforts. You may want to give e-cigarettes a try. I have read countless testimonials on the web to the effectiveness of the e-cigarette to help accomplish that. Or just smoke the e-cigarette as a MUCH safer alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette. Good Luck...

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