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If you are looking for the best sunglasses, you'll see a large selection to choose from.

So where do you begin? To most of us I hope taking good care of our bodies is something we do without giving it a second thought. We eat properly, go to the gym, or take part in recreational activities that is fun and good for us. Many of us though don't give much thought as to how we should  protect one of our most important senses, our eyesight. Sunglasses were designed to protect our eyes from dirt, snow, dust, direct sunlight and UV rays. Sadly, in some cases sunglasses for some have just become a fashion accessory. So, do you just go for the cheapest pair that you'll only break or loose, or will you decide now is the time to get yourself a decent pair of functional eye protection. So, you ask which are the best and are they worth the extra bucks. Well I can tell you this, the ability to block UV light is not dependent on the darkness of the lens or the price tag. While both plastic and glass lenses absorb some UV light, UV absorption is improved by adding certain chemicals to the lens material during manufacturing or by applying special lens coatings. Always choose sunglasses that are labeled as blocking 99-100% of UV rays. Some labels say UV absorption up to 400nm. This is the same thing as 100% UV absorption. The best sunglasses for you should be comfortable, a good fit, and of course stylish. They should also remain stable during your recreational activities. While most sunglasses will be ok for standard everyday use, some activities may require a few extras.
For example, if you are buying for a sport like cycling, you will benefit from getting padded arms and nose clips as this will stop any soreness from excessive movement. The color of your sunglasses is important too if you are driving in really bright sunlight you will find that blue lenses will help with clarity but as an all-rounder you should consider brown or amber lenses. Clarity can also be improved with polarized lenses that are particularly useful for pilots, fisherman and athletes. The primary issue you must be concerned with when considering the best sunglasses is your eye care. There are too many people taking risks by not getting sufficient protection from UV rays. Now for one of the big ones, how much will the best sunglasses cost. Well, that really depends on you. If you are happy with a $5 pair because you usually sit on them, so be it. However, do not expect your $5 ones to compare in any way with the more expensive designer or sports glasses such as Oakley's. The reason the designer sunglasses are priced as they are, is not just because of the name. Such glasses are a higher quality product that has evolved over years of technological research and quality control systems. The old adage applies here, "you get what you pay for" Dr. Wayne Bizer, spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology says "sunglasses without protection from the two most harmful types of UV light, UVA and UVB can actually do more harm to your eyes than if you were forced to squint." As everyone knows, when it's really bright out you squint and your pupils constrict to tiny dots as small as half a millimeter in diameter to limit the amount of light getting in. When you put on sunglasses, the effect is the same as being in darkened room, the pupil dilates to let in more light.

Glasses that don't block UV rays may offer some relief from visible light and reduce your need to squint, but the additional exposure to UVA and UVB can be harmful. It goes like this let's say you put on a very dark pair of sunglasses, your pupil opens up, it dramatically changes in size. It's an big increase, and now you're allowing much more harmful light into your eyes than if you didn't wear the cheap sunglasses at all. 

Giro, the brand most often associated with helmets for cycling and skiing, brings you some new some optical innovation with Giro Sport Filter and Havik Sunglasses. Giro and Oakley Sport Filter Sunglasses feature Pop Top Technology that lets you switch lenses in seconds with a small cam lever, which speeds u
p lens transition and helps avoid scratches and fingerprints. Designed to fit comfortably with a bike helmet while delivering a full field of view and protection from weather and debris. They also feature ventilated temples to promote air circulation behind the lens, as well as a ventilated rubber nose pad and rubber temple tips for comfort and stability. In any activity where it is possible to wear sun or weather, protective eyewear you should.
Weather you're enjoying the day outdoors, involved in recreation, or competing in a sport the rays from the sun can still do hidden damage to your eyes that over a prolonged period of time can result in severely afflicted eyesight. Especially if you are near on on a body of water. Sports eyewear has come a long way over the past ten years, sports glasses are now more fashionable, lighter and more comfortable to wear than ever before. So you should have no excuse for not putting on the correct eye-wear. So be prepared to enjoy the summer, the outdoors the sun your favorite beach, park or recreational activity just make sure you protect your beautiful eyes, Good Luck...

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