It's Strawberry Season Again !!

What's sexier than sharing some strawberries with a friend

Well it's summer and that means it's strawberry season again I thought I'd revisit what I think is the sexiest fruit of them all, the strawberry. First I gotta say some of the sexiest pictures on the web are shot with strawberries. Much too sexy even for my blog but I'm gonna hook you up today, so put the kiddies to bed. Now recent scientific studies have shown that consumption of strawberries have health benefits, like fighting cancer, aging, inflammation and neurological diseases. Fresh berries are an excellent source of vitamin-C, which is also a powerful natural antioxidant. Strawberries are also rich in the B-complex group of vitamins. Strawberries contain vitamin A, vitamin E and health promoting antioxidants such as lutein, anthocyanins, and beta-carotene in small amounts.

These compounds help act as protective scavengers against oxygen-derived free radicals that play a role in aging and various diseases. They contain a good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, fluorine, copper, iron and iodine. As we know potassium is important because it helps to control heart rate and blood pressure. According to worlds healthiest foods.com, several recent studies have found regular intake (2 or more times a week) of strawberries to be associated with decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. On average, studies also show 2 days as the maximal time for strawberry storage without major loss of vitamin C and polyphenol antioxidants. It's not that strawberries become dangerous to eat or invaluable after 2 days. It's just that more storage time brings along with it substantially more nutrient loss. Let's look at a little history:

Strawberries have a history that goes back over 2,200 years. Strawberries grew wild in Italy as long ago as 234 B.C. and were discovered in Virginia by the first Europeans when their ships landed there in 1588. Early settlers in Massachusetts enjoyed eating strawberries grown by local American Indians who cultivated strawberries as early as 1643. After 1860 strawberries were widely grown in many parts of the country. Strawberries have been grown in California since the early 1900's. Today, over 25,000 acres of strawberries are planted each year in California and the state produces over 80% of the strawberries grown in the United States. On average, each acre produces about 21 tons of strawberries and the state produces one billion pounds of strawberries a year. There are many explanations, on how strawberries got their name. Some believe that the name came from the practice of placing straw around the growing plants for protection, others believe the name originated over 1000 years ago because of the runners which spread outward from the plant. The name may have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon verb to strew (spread) and the fruit came to be known as streabergen, straberry, streberie, straibery, straubery, and finally, "STRAWBERRY". However it got it's name in old English, strawberry means one thing in american english "delicious & sexy."

In addition to having a very important nutritional value, with an abundance of antioxidants like anthocyanins, strawberries have been used for centuries as symbols of purity and longevity and depending on cultures, were believed to prolong life. Strawberries have a long history of medical uses. The Romans for instance used them to alleviate symptoms of fainting, kidney stones, inflammation, diseases of the blood, liver and spleen, throat infections, bad breath, attacks of gout, melancholy and fever. In Belgium there's a museum entirely dedicated to strawberries. Strawberries are grown in every state in the United States and every province of Canada.

 In some parts of Bavaria, country folk practice a spring ritual of tying small baskets of wild strawberries to the horns of their cattle as an offering to wood elves. The legend states that the elves, love strawberries and will offer their gratitude producing healthy calves and an abundance of milk. Also another legend has it that that if you split a double strawberry in half and share it with a close friend, you'll soon fall in love. Good luck with that, Really

And when you do fall in love if you don't seal the deal with some champagne and fresh strawberries, I have to ask why are you living? Because you're missing out on one of the most delicious intoxicating sexy rituals in life. And I'm not talking Sunday brunch champagne either. Unless it's food you're trying to fall in love with. I'm talking naked in the hot tub sexy, champagne and strawberries. I know this is a nutrition blog, so there's no knocking the physical and mental value of those little sexy berries.

Now, if you've never played with your lover and chocolate dipped strawberries, or you've never covered your best girl or guy in whip cream and strawberries and made a desert out of them your lack of imagination is just plain primitive.
You could be too young to be reading this blog today because your lack of passion escapes me. Check your pulse you may be dead.

Honestly, it really is all about the strawberry, I mean you wouldn't dip apples or pears or blueberries or bananas in whip cream or chocolate and play sexily with your partner. The strawberry is clearly the fruit of choice, beautifully tart yet softly sweet all at the same time. (just how I like my women). So if your relationship has gotten a little boring over the winter or you just want to get a new one off to the right start, your local market is just waiting for you to stop by, and stock up with just the right supplies. Don't be shy life's to short to be boring, forget your inhibitions and let your wild side rip. Let Maytag take care of the after party, and if your partners not down, it might be time to go to the bullpen for a new pitcher. If you know what I mean, because boring people are a drain.

Now, if all that sexiness still doesn't interest you, and you can't possibly remove that stick you've been sitting on. Put on your jeans go down to the local organic farm and pick up a couple of fresh baskets.

Strawberries are still for you. Whip yourself up a strawberry cheesecake, parfait, or pancakes. Try a strawberry smoothie, or shake.


One last thing my favorite recipe for Strawberry Daiquiri, to help you think about just how you want to spend this weekend, behind a fork and shortcake or in a hot tub with champagne, your choice. Oh and don't forget the whip cream. Good Luck...

Doc's Strawberry Daiquiri

           1/2 oz strawberry
           2 oz light rum
           1 oz lime juice
           1 tsp powdered sugar
           1 oz strawberries
Blend with ice till slushy, pour, garnish and   Enjoy The Weekend!!

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