Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Twas The Day Before Christmas"

Twas the day before Christmas and all I can say
Is I wish 2011 would just go away
I live where government exists in a bubble
Getting along like bad children
Causing all kinds of trouble

But I've a roof over my head 
I'm in great shape, my health has been flawless
With no problems to date. 
My parts all work great with no assistance from pills
Though I swear some day's I'll be swallowed by bills.
But I live in a place that God's touched with beauty
And then not to mention, unlimited bootie!

I have a new kitty who adopted the "Doc"
Who used to be mean , now she is not
But she makes the fish nervous so 
So I watch her, a lot!

So Santa, don't need anything special today 
Unless you can throw some more business my way
I've had my share of a plentiful life.
Give my presents to those who are dealing with strife

For my readers who in comfort, do have a lot
Use the holiday's to help those who do not
They sit outside your grocery store
They don't have much, and wish they had more

You'll feel bettr inside
In a real special way
The glow you'll feel 
Drive's depression away.

With no depression and a real big smile
The world's a better place 
At least for a while.

                                  HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!

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