Don't Forget About Honey....

There are very few foods in the world that can rival honey

As an all natural health aid, the product of that marvelous little creature that everyone is so dreadfully afraid of, gives us one of the worlds true super-foods. I know that many of my friends and a lot of my readers are sick with colds and flu. So I thought we would start the year with one of my favorite superfood powerhouses, honey. Honey is antibacterial, antiviral and will keep your immune system strong. It's been used on cuts and burns for thousands of years. Honey will promote healing and deter scarring. Honey is also an age old beauty product that will keep you looking young and beautiful. It never expires and can be found in every grocery store. These days people are turning to alternative medicines for treatment of diseases despite the modern advances in synthetic drugs. We are finally looking to nature for safe, healthy, time tested remedies. Honey is one of nature's purest foods for promoting general health. There are so many health benefits to honey, it truly is one of nature's super foods.

Let's see first off you might be surprised to learn that it is a natural antimicrobial and antioxidant. Now I think it's kinda funny that most people go to the drug store for cough, cold and flu remedies, seeking a product that often has honey and lemon as the main ingredients, when a glass of warm water with raw honey and fresh lemon juice is far more effective. Raw honey contains the anti-oxidants we need in our daily diets to mop up those free radicals which are so harmful to our health. In fact honey contains far more anti-oxidants than some fruits and vegetables. However the combination of the two is an excellent way to stay healthy. Raw honey also has the enzymes that boost the immune system. In terms of antioxidants, darker is better when it comes to honey. Processed honey is heated and filtered, robbing it of natural nutrients. Raw honey is best.

Honey has also been used throughout the ages as an all natural beauty product. Honey is a powerful booster to the immune system. Raw honey contains 27 minerals, 22 amino acids and 5,000 live enzymes. It keeps you healthy by fighting disease and boosting the digestive system. One daily spoonful in your tea or spread on your toast or cereal is all that is needed to reap these benefits. Honey is also great for cuts and wounds. Honey has been used to treat wounds for thousands of years. The antiseptic properties of honey will clean wounds and inhibit bacterial growth. Its natural antibiotic and antibacterial properties aid in treating cuts and burns. It promotes healing, reduces swelling and prevents infections. Most grocery store honey will probably not have the healing benefits you want. Read the labels carefully. Unlike refined sugar, honey contains vitamins and minerals. Refined sugars are void of vitamins and minerals. The body must utilize it's store of valuable nutrients to digest refined sugar. This process depletes the supply of minerals essential to dissolve cholesterol and fats. Honey helps metabolize cholesterol and fatty acid preventing obesity. In fact you can make a simple diet drink by adding honey and lemon to a glass of water.

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt was no stranger to the skin enhancing properties of honey. She regularly took milk and honey baths to maintain her youthful appearance. In fact she supposedly is the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Honey as a natural beauty product has unlimited possibilities. It can be used as a facial mask, hair conditioner, skin moisturizer and more. If you read the labels of most commercial skin care products the almost all contain honey and coconut. Honey has natural humectants, with the ability to replenish the moisture level in skin without adding oil. Honey is a popular anti aging skin care ingredient in many commercial moisturizers. Using honey as a facial mask will exfoliate, clarify and unclog pores. Honey is a wonderful deep conditioning treatment for dry hair. After shampooing, I smooth honey through my hair from root to tip, once a month. Be sure to rinse it out completely. Your hair will be soft, and full of shine. Eating honey can be a fun, erotic experience. You see it really doesn't matter how you get your honey, in your food, tea, or off your lover. You can't go wrong.

The best way to buy honey is locally from a beekeeper or a local farmer's market. This is likely raw honey. Raw honey can prevent hay fever-type symptoms because of the pollen spores it contains. It actually de-sensitizes you. Only spend your money on the best, good organic honey as they can only be labeled organic if it is produced under strict guidelines. The bees are not subjected to any form of pollution. Always read the labels on the jar, nothing added, nothing blended, just pure honey is what you should look for and buy.

Honey is also making a big comeback in the medical profession for wound care. Hospitals today use "Honey Dressings" called Medi-Honey. These are applied to all kinds of skin infections such as bedsores, burns and even babies nappy rash with spectacular results. In fact honey heals these infections faster than any chemical medications. Even after major operations honey is the preferred dressing in today’s hospitals. Apart from being sweet, aromatic, and tasting nice, honey cures most ailments due to its ability to eat away and destroy bad bacteria (stomach ulcers are caused by these bacteria, not stress) without destroying the good bacteria we need in our digestive systems and on our skin, to promote healing. Can you think of a more versatile food source than good ole pure honey? Honey can be used in cooking and baking, can be mixed with fruits to naturally sweeten a delicious smoothie, will calm a tickly cough thus enabling sleep, can be used as a beauty product for the skin and is an amazing natural medicine just to name a few of its benefits. Now, Don't give your baby any honey before he/she's a year old, even if it's to treat a cough. This is because honey can, very occasionally, contain a spore of a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. This can cause a rare form of food poisoning (botulism) in babies.

So all of this and more is due to the tiny insect called the honey bee, the only insects that produce food for human consumption. It's little wonder then, that we refer to them endearingly as "busy little bees". So dump out all those refined sweeteners and add raw honey into your diet. You'll be healthier I promise.

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