You Can Be A Winner, Just Focus!

                       So, you feel like giving up do you? 

Well here's the good news, you're normal. Everyone goes through it. In all my athletic endeavors, and even in life I've gone through it. Recently it's human nature to want to give up, it's easy. I say recently because if ancient man gave up at anything, he died. The difference between life's real performers, good athletes, and those people who are the average, and below average Joes, is that the real performers, people with intention, energy, and focus bounce back very quickly. We understand loosing is a part of winning. We stay focused by "getting right back on that horse." You see it's just like Newtons first law. "An object in motion tends to stay in motion." If you stop, everything stops. Sometimes it can feel like you're forcing yourself to get into action, that's ok. If you feel like giving up that's normal, but look at yourself in the mirror for a minute, and get going again, to regain your winning momentum. I've been there, we all have. Remember, success starts from inside your head, and your body will follow. Even if complaining, doing nothing, and looking for sympathy is easier. Some people think, including myself agree that everything in our known universe exists at it's own positive winning vibration. Once you're in the right vibration it becomes natural and even effortless to take action, and become a winner. Vibration is where it all starts. When you're in the right vibration, you feel better. When you feel better you can easily bounce back. You can regain your winning momentum, and self-esteem.

Weather in athletics, or in your life you collect your good vibes by first helping yourself. Clean up your act! Get your health, diet, and, relationships right. Then by example, help others do the same. It reinforces your purpose. Find an short term (90 day) achievable goal to set your sights on. Don't be the showoff guy that hits it hard for 2 weeks tells everyone about it, get's a thumbs up from friends, then quits when none is looking. Keep your eyes on the prize. You need to work toward your stated purpose in incremental steps, run a mile today, marathon tomorrow. The most important question to ask before you try to achieve any goal is, do you really have a strong desire to make it happen, a powerful purpose that motivates you, that magic gleam in your eyes when you think about it, the certainty to make it happen. If not, your efforts will be futile. Just search deeper, and keep looking for that which really sparks you. Avoid delaying any of your activities by leaving them to be done tomorrow, next week, next month etc. Stay away from attitudes like "I'll do it after I finish this", or "I'll wait till I get back from vacation."Get It Done! Do it now and move on to the next level or project. Remember that nothing is impossible, if you try your best you'll always be happy with your efforts. It's been proven that people who have group support are more likely to reach their goals than people who go solo. So seek out a positive like minded group, personal instructor, coach, friend or family member who can sit in your cheering section.

http://www.venturestab.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/target-and-arrow-1024x768.jpg And if you don't feel like giving up once and a while, then check your pulse. You might not be alive. It's what you do after striking out that really matters in life. Real athletes and other high achieving performers are different. We play full out when we play and realize that even with our best intentions and efforts there is a 50% chance we're gonna loose. At times we all feel like giving up too, but we don't. Because the next time we may win. That attitude allows us to bounce back quickly. Get clear on your purpose and create a compelling vision to help you stay focused. These are the gifts that keep on giving. They'll give you that bounce to take fitness, athletics, your diet, relationships, your career, and life full on. To get back up and keep going, is up to you. I know if you're willing to focus and work hard, "the sky's the limit." Count on it it's been proven time, and time again. Remember falling down is part of learning to walk, and walking leads to running, and running leads to going places. Good Luck...


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