Cellulite A Different Look...

Say cellulite loud enough and every women's heads will turn

As a woman (and some men) you either "have cellulite" or you know at least one other woman who suffers from this beauty crippling concern. I sure you've heard many opinions, and read many articles on the subject, if this is your affliction. Today I'm not going to look at the thousands of topical solutions, but rather I'm here to give you some helpful info from a different perspective. One that is sure to help you or anyone you might know who is looking for help with a plan for reducing or completely getting rid of cellulite. First things first. You don't have cellulite, cellulite is not a thing. It's simply a word, derived from French and Latin roots, that is used to describe the bumpy/dimpled appearance of skin. (the roots are cellula and -itis)

Now, there are women who are thin with the appearance of cellulite, and there are women who are plump with no signs of cellulite at all. So what gives? Well lets back up a little to help us put this into perspective. First let's take two overweight women one without the appearance of cellulite, and one with the appearance cellulite. We have to first ask the question why, and second what causes the appearance of cellulite skin. Well if we were to analyze the fat from the 2 overweight women mentioned above we would find no physiological or biological difference in the fat, in their lower bodies. What we would find are some structural differences in their musculature, and connective tissue. Along with several other factors that are affected by lifestyle habits.
factors of cellulite skin Here's what we would find structurally. In the woman without the appearance of cellulite, the muscles beneath her fat are firmer, and more toned. The connective tissue that sits between the deepest layers of the skin and the outermost layers of the fat is tighter and smoother. Therefore the fat deposits themselves are more evenly distributed. In the second woman with the appearance of cellulite. The muscles beneath her fat are most likely very soft, and in appearance most likely droopy, or jiggly. The connective tissue that sits between the deepest layers of the skin and the outermost layers of the fat, will also be looser and not as taught. Giving the fat deposits opportunity for uneven distribution.

In addition to these differences in structure there are, most likely differences in lifestyle habits like:
Proper Exercise- improper exercise or no exercise causes muscles and connective tissue to go slack allowing fats to manuver themselves  into a bumpy texture under your skin.
Nutrition- besides calories, and quality of foods you eat, several other factors can have a substantial impact on the appearance of cellulite, mainly sodium intake levels, and levels of hydration.
Smoking, excessive alcohol, or prescription drugs, all help to lessen the elasticity of the collagen in your skin.

Cellulite is always an outward symptom of a much larger problem. You lymphatic system is not draining, and relieving itself of triglycerides, fats, and toxins. Look at the factors above, and the factors that you, have control over. It's safe to assume that women who are affected by the appearance of cellulite, can reduce the appearance of that cellulite by incorporating habits of proper, and specifically targeted exercise, combined with healthy nutrition habits that take into account proper hydration, and reduced sodium intake.
Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables is an efficient way to consume the water that skin cells need to maintain healthy structure. The constant up, and down of yo-yo dieting also strains skin's elasticity. Keep your skin in shape by maintaining a consistent weight.

Now, lets go back to our original question about the thin woman with cellulite and the plump woman with no cellulite. It should be clear to you now that the appearance of cellulite in the thin woman has nothing to do with her size or having a different kind of fat under her skin but rather several structural factors that result in the dimpled and bumpy texture of the outer layer of the skin. It is also very likely that these structural factors are in addition to poor health habits and the lack of proper exercise. So these are the real reasons, and how this cellulite appearance, this adjective of a noun that doesn't exist, can be reduced or removed completely. The map to change the appearance of your skin, that's the easy part. The map to change you and your bad habits, well that's going to take a little work. Exercise is always the catalyst that drives change in the structural components, that make up the layers behind the surface of the skin. So exercise, and watch your diet, and loose that cellulite. FYI I hear lemon juice, water, and cayenne pepper, for breakfast helps metabolize those fat's too. Good Luck...


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