Which Protein Is Best?

                Protein Powder A Modern Convenience

The question is, with so many choices and new arrivals in the protein supplement market, which one is best. While you can and should, normally get enough protein from foods, some us enjoy the convenience of protein powders. Proteins themselves were discovered by Jöns Jakob Berzelius in 1838 and are among the most actively-studied molecules in biochemistry. The word "Protein" is derived from a Greek word "protas" meaning "of primary importance," because of the fundamental role of proteins in sustaining life. Protein has many important roles in the body. They are part of every cell, in every muscle, in every piece of connective tissue, also factoring in blood-clotting, our enzymes, immune bodies, hormones, and bones. Protein is also involved in:
  • Muscle and tissue growth & repair
  • Regulating the pH in the blood
  • Preserving lean muscle mass
  • Controlling processes in the body related to metabolism
  • Providing energy when carbohydrate is not available
  • Making essential hormones
  • Immune function, via protein antibodies
  • The storage and transport of various ligands
  • Maintain body fluid balance

 The Biological Value (BV) is a scale that measures how much the body can absorb and utilize that protein. Biological value does not refer to the amount of protein in the powder, it  refers to the usability of the protein that is in the powder. A particular powder might be 60% protein, and the biological value would tell you exactly how much of that 60% is usable by the body. Higher the BV, the more protein your body can absorb and retain. The higher the BV the more lean muscle you promote as well. Lean muscle is what everybody is looking for. When we say it has a high BV, it has essential amino acids in proportion to that required by humans. Low BV means, 1 or more essential amino acids are scarce in the food source. High BV are provided by whey, and casein protein powder along with animal food sources. Low BV are provided by plants, grains, and vegetables. There's also the protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS), which is the method by which the World Health Organization evaluates protein value. It's a newer model, and it's based on the amino acid requirements of humans, specifically children. Most people comparing protein powder's rely on the BV, but the PDCAAS is gaining in popularity.

Casein and Whey are the proteins in milk. Casein composes 80%, and whey 20%. Popular among fitness enthusiasts, casein and whey aid in the muscle-building process. Both are quality proteins but differ in their absorption rate. A little chemistry 101. Proteins are composed of chains of nitrogen. They divide into small units called amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. Here is the difference between whey and casein protein. Whey protein is a fast digesting protein and casein is a slow digesting protein. Whey usually peaks in its release of amino acids in about forty minutes with a total digestion at about an hour. Casein protein will peak in it's release of amino acids and protein synthesis in about four hours and can take up to seven hours to fully digestion. Whey proteins are best first thing in the morning after your body has been feeding and rebuilding all night long, and is depleted of vitamins and nutrients. Also right before, or right after your work out. Whey is digested quickly so it will bring your body back up into a normal level quickly. My next suggestion is to, eat a breakfast meal within 60 minutes of the shake. You SHOULD drink a pre-workout protein shake, but you MUST in my opinion drink a quick digesting protein, immediately after your workout. If you really worked your body out, instead of your mouth, you've just about used up all of your body's stored energy. Then just like the breakfast recommendation you should eat a meal within 60 minutes of your workout.
Since casein protein is a slow digesting protein you would want to take this mid-day or before you go to sleep. It forms a gel in your stomach so it digests very slowly. This will give your metabolism a sustained release of protein and vitamins throughout the night when you are sleeping. This will also prevent scavenging of your hard earned muscle tissue for proteins. This is really one of the best times of day for you to take a casein protein supplement. If you can't get in a meal mid-day for instance, you could drink a 50/50 whey and casein blend. The whey is fast digesting fueling your body right away and the casein is slower digesting, giving you a sustained release for a couple of hours. This will get you through to your next meal. Now you can't do this every day because you'll be missing the vitamins, minerals, fats, fiber, and carbohydrates of whole foods. Try to get a healthy meal in as often as you can. Remember small meals throughout the day is best. To be truthful most whey protein products you'll find are heavily processed. The processing is to make them cheaper, more attractive, have a longer shelf life, and taste better. In the end they are loaded with artificial flavors and sweeteners to cover up the awful natural taste, adding more unnatural chemicals to your body. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of research to back up the benefits of quality, good composition whey protein.  So, do your research before purchasing any whey supplements, and read your labels carefully.

My recommendation based on my own personal experience with soy protein powder. My advise is to NOT use it at all. According to Natural News and the Cornucopia Institute, virtually all "protein bars" on the market today are made with some soy protein. Many infant formula products are also made with soy protein, and thousands of vegetarian products, like veggie burgers, veggie cheese, "natural" food bars, etc. are made with soy protein. Along with most packaged and processed foods. Soy protein is always described as safe and "natural" by the companies using it. But there's a dirty little secret the soy product industry doesn't want you to know. Much of the "natural" soy protein used in foods today is bathed in a toxic, explosive chemical solvent known as hexane. To determine the true extent of this hexane contamination, Natural News joined forces with the Cornucopia Institute to conduct testing of hexane residues in soy products using FDA-approved and USDA-approved laboratories. The Cornucopia Institute performed the bulk of this effort, and Natural News provided funding to help cover laboratory costs. The results proved to be bad, Hexane residues of 21ppm were discovered in soy meal commonly used to produce soy protein for infant formula, protein bars and vegetarian food products. These laboratory results appear to indicate that consumers who purchase common soy products might be exposing themselves (and their children) to residues of the toxic chemical HEXANE, a neurotoxic substance produced as a byproduct of gasoline refining. Don't miss the video at the end of this article if you want more reasons to run from soy protein. If you are a vegetarian lactose intolerant try a rice, pea, or hemp based protein. FYI, whey protein has less than 1% of the lactose found in milk. 

There's nothing wrong with dabbling with alternative protein powders. Now for the oldest "New" kid on the block. Hemp is a remarkably diverse crop that can be grown for both food and nonfood purposes. Hemp seed, which is used to manufacture hemp protein, is composed of approximately 45% oil, 35% protein and 10% carbohydrates. Hemp seed protein has natural plant chlorophyll and alkalizes to maintain Ph balance in your body. It's also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Since there are no fillers or additives, and it provides all 8 essential amino and omega 3, fatty acids, you'll need much less hemp protein than whey, for equal benefit. There's a reason why synthetic, super heated, over-processed, artificially sweetened, whey protein is sold in giant tubs. Whey protein will generally absorb less, than hemp protein in your digestive system. Hemp can be considered a superior protein source, due to its above-average digestibility, which also makes it ideal for athletes. The better a protein is digested, the more efficiently it can be used by the body. Among leading types of protein supplements, including soy and whey only hemp naturally, contains all eight essential amino acids the body needs to internally manufacture protein. Because it's derived from the whole pulp of the plant. 
Whey and soy contain all eight amino acids as well, but some of their amino acids are added during the blending process, creating a sort of "synthetic" source for their amino acid profile. So as a source of branched-chain amino acids, that aid in the growth and repair of lean muscle mass, hemp protein is a more than suitable choice for a post-workout supplement. Hemp protein also can provide additional benefits, which include potential immune enhancing and anti-fatigue properties, and some recent animal research has shown that hemp may improve kidney function as well.
Look in most cases, most protein powders are very safe for you. Except for soy. There has never been any evidence that protein supplements have ever had any irreversible damaging side effects, as long as you stay well hydrated. It takes a lot of water to metabolize concentrated protein. Protein powders can boost your immune system and increase lean muscle. Best part is that if you shop smart and buy a quality product, it will be all natural and found in everyday food. If you're not getting enough protein, an athlete, or you can't find the time to cook every single meal, try some protein powder. As always if you are taking prescription medications check with your doctor before changing you diet.  Good Luck...

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