Where's The Fruit ? The Petroleum Food Swindle...


 Food companies think we're all too lazy to read food labels
The truth is some of us are, and in the food industry deception pays off. This used to be a crime now it's food business as usual. If you want to make wholesome food in your home kitchen and sell it to your neighbors, you will be subject to so many regulations, it will make it virtually imposable. On the other hand, if you can buy the right lawyers, lobbyists and politicians, you can package the nutritional equivalent of sawdust, glue and house paint as food and laugh all the way to the bank.
If you are in the "some of us are" category and don't read labels, consider this WHENEVER you see a product that is much cheaper than the organic products on the shelf, RUN it's probably a pseudo product made up of petroleum based dyes, chemicals,starches,liquid sugars, and pieces of plastic. Yep, I'll win this bet 99 times out of 100 times. The food companies have been marketing this cancer causing stuff to us since the 1950's. With the advent of the first packaged foods. The American public has been eating it up because of the pretty pictures on the boxes and because we've been too lazy to read the labels. The sad truth is large packaged food companies Like Kellog and Betty Crocker use pictures of healthy fruits on their boxes of cereals and snacks when there isn't a trace of fruit to be found in the ingredients. That's right folks we've been duped into believing we're feeding our families real foods, when we're actually eating nothing but some lab created pseudo food, dyed to look real with petroleum based dyes. If you are too uninformed to know what that means, it means they are byproducts of the oil and gasoline industry. I personally checked the ingredients in pop-tarts blueberry and frosted blueberry mini-wheets for this article and found no trace of actual blueberries in these products. The video I included today will open your eyes as well as turn your stomach, and hopefully change your shopping and eating habits. It's well past the time to hold these companies responsible for their marketing of the health defeating poisons, not by making new laws, by NOT BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS !! This will put them out of business. Don't think you can count on our government either, because all they care about is lobby money and greed and have demonstrated that they don't give a damn about you or your health. As long as you pay your taxes. If you haven't figured this out yet continue to trust the government, don't read labels, and continue eating these foods. It's a free country, but you'll deserve the results of your choices. Which will undoubtedly result in poor health and higher healthcare costs for you and your family, and more room for the rest of us on the planet. Time to stop buying pseudo products because they are cheaper or because our children like them. Who's in charge anyway? You or your children? We have great power as consumers to control these companies by not buying these pseudo products. Your health is directly reflective of what you put in your mouth. You are what you eat. READ the labels and don't be lazy, and don't skip the video today. Good Luck...

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