Your Sexy Skin

  Skin is much more than just a sack to hold your body parts together.

Our skin has many roles in maintaining good health while also producing pleasure in the mating processes. Seems like when people muse about the pleasures of sex, we often think about genital arousal or orgasm. Not arguing that, but just remember what got you to third base. I think that one of the most pleasurable parts of sexual intimacy is the experience of touching and being touched all over. Years of research has shown that human babies and many animal babies need touch not only to survive, but to thrive. Touch can have psychological effects of helping people to feel loved, happy, accepted, calm or reassured. Touch can also have biological effects, like helping to promote the release of oxytocin, in our bodies. Which has often been referred to as the "cuddle hormone". Yep, face it your skin is your largest pleasure organ and can receive stimulating signals, like pressure, and temperature.

lingerie-girl Everything from a tickle to a gentle scratch, to pain. Our skin also releases pheromones to the air that taste and smell delicious to the opposite sex. Our skin has over half a million sensory signal fibers entering the spinal cord just on the back. Our skin also stores fat, and acts as a shock absorber against impact, sexual or otherwise. ;) It can detect a touch every place on the body. Our skin can detect not only a touch, it can detect if there is vibration, or pressure, the temperature, liquid, or dry. The right touch, stroke or pat, in the right place can trigger strong emotions as the brain releases dozens of different hormones that instantly go into the blood. In different parts of the body the hormones start actions preparing the body for more action.

Remember, these bodies we're using to get around this planet in, have at their deepest level two primary goals #1 survive and #2 make more of us. Now, Mother Nature's way to get us there, is to make the sensations of another humans touch feel really good, because our skin is capable of a whole lot of escalating sensations. Which translates to fun for us, thanks Mom. The skin receives about one third of the blood that circulates through the body. It's rugged, flexible, and practically waterproof. The skin can regenerate and repair itself under most conditions. The skin also helps in the dissipation of heat. In fact, it's been said that the reason lovers sweat "Is so we won't catch fire"

Our skin also allows sunlight penetrate it's surface, so we can synthesize vitamin D, which we know is necessary for absorption of dietary calcium that is vital to healthy teeth, bones and brain function. Five percent of the skin cells make a dark substance called melanin that gives skin its shades of color and blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The darker your skin is, the more melanin you have in your skin. When you go out into the sun, the cells make extra melanin to protect you from getting sun burned. 

Some skin fun facts:

1. Your skin is considered the largest organ in the human body.
2. Your skin is made up of three major layers - epidermis, dermis, and hypo-dermis (also called the subcutaneous tissue).
3. Your skin protects your inside organs while keeping infections out and prevents you from getting sick.
4. Your skin loses about 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells from the surface almost every minute, even though you do not see it happening.
5. Your skin sheds a layer of these dead cells every 24 hours and renews itself about every 28 days.
6. Your skin especially your feet swell when it absorbs water.
7. Your skin contains a protein called keratin which is also found in hair and nail
8. Your skin is the thinnest on the eyelid.
9. Goose bumps are actually little pimples that help retain a layer of warm air over our body.
10. When you look at a person's skin you see the top layer called the epidermis which is made up of dead skin cells. Yes, when you look at a person's bare body what you are looking at is mostly dead!

If you are trying to improve your skin eating the right foods,try these suggestions:

1. Low Fat Yogurt
Low fat dairy products are full of vitamin A. This essential vitamin does wonders for our skin. If you have a thyroid problem or diabetes that’s another reason for you to stock up on organic law fat yogurts!

2. Berries
I am talking about organic plums, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. These berries have a great antioxidant capacity which means, the more of these we eat, the longer our skin will look youthful and healthy!

3. Salmon
Our skin needs essential fatty acids. If fish isn't your thing, try walnuts, flax seed. olive, or grape-seed oil. Coconut oil is great to cook with, but you can use it on your hair and skin also. All these will give you amazing results. Omega 3 and Omega 6 may sound like a Sci-fi flick, but these fatty acids are a must for a beautiful, well moisturized skin. 

4. Green Tea ...
Green and White tea's, contain the highest amount of polyphenols in the tea family. Polyphenols have anti-inflammatory characteristics, a good tea will not dehydrate your body, it will only work as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that will keep bacteria at bay and will fight off those free radicals that make our skin age early. 

5. Water
Did I even need to mention it?  Good, because hydration is the skin's best friend, and I'm talking about chlorine and fluoride filtered water. In your sinks, bath, showers, and drinking water. So drink as much water as you can every day for your beautiful skin.

What most people don't realize is that excess sugar is now considered one of the main causes of premature aging. The more sugar we eat, and drink, the more sugar we have entering our bloodstream. Over time, this process can result in a condition known as glycation, which is when a glucose (sugar) molecule damages a protein molecule by sticking to it. The new molecules formed are called Advanced Glycation End-Products, or AGE's. AGE's damage the collagen in skin, cartilage, and ligaments and promote a loss of elasticity. Wrinkles form, skin begins to sag, and your overall structure becomes brittle. I'm not a sugar guy by nature but if I was that would be enough to motivate me to pass on sugar. Now as for hydrating body lotions I suggest you stick with coconut based products for many reasons, but that's another article. Do a little web research to check the quality of any products before you buy. Also an occasional dry brush exfoliation works for me. You can do it in the morning before you shower. It eliminates dead skin cells and allows the skin to detox because the skin is also our largest organ of elimination. Dry brush exfoliation also improves lymph and blood circulation and decreases water retention puffiness. Another added benefit is that the gentle pressure is calming to the nervous system. To give yourself a dry brush exfoliation, you'll need a soft, natural bristle brush or loofah. It's up to you, How do you want to look as you age? Your skin it does a lot for you, let's take care of it. Now Watch These Great Skin Care Tip's Good Luck...

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