Your Sexy Belly Button

If you're an innie and not an outie, your belly button is home to more species of bacteria

Your belly button is probably not high on your list of the sexiest parts of your body, and that is a mistake. First the bad news. If you're a innie, like me you could have at least 60 to 100 or more species of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, according to new research Yep, not kidding. The findings, presented at the Ecological Society of America's 96th Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, demonstrate how a belly button can become a haven for complex biodiversity. The project was meant to interest people in microbiology and assuage the public's concerns about microbes causing disease, but it's also yielded plenty of new data about the human "microbiome," the array of microorganisms that live inside (and on) us. The skin is still not that well studied, and researchers led by professors Rob Dunn and Jiri Hulcr at NC State wanted to examine belly buttons because, well, they're harder to scrub than the rest of your body.

"Although we find about 60 or 70 species on the average person, we have found more than 1400 species overall, such that differences among individuals are great," Rob Dunn, assistant professor in the Department of Biology at North Carolina State University, told Discovery News. Dunn and his colleagues have so far collected skin bacteria from the belly buttons of 391 test subjects from across the nation. Men and women of different ages and ethic backgrounds, and even differing hygienic habits, were included in the study. The researchers were focusing on bacterial content in the samples, but professor Dunn also said they found fungi and some interesting yeasts. The scientists in this study have confirmed the viability of these organisms by culturing, and are now in the process of sequencing each species DNA. Preliminary results indicate that the number of organisms per person highly varies, with each individual carrying his or her own unique mix. Professor Dunn said that The differences they saw didn't match up easily with gender, ethnicity, age or even washing frequency. The researchers figured that a group of relatively few bacterial species are shared among most of us, with hundreds of other rare species occurring here and there.

http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs6/i/2005/097/2/4/Deep_Belly_Button_by_Airio_Calypso.jpgNow, the researchers chose to look at belly buttons, because they tend to harbor so many organisms that are often left undisturbed by cleansers, lotions, ultraviolet light and other things. "While many people might now be more mindful of belly button washing, Professor Dunn said "those organisms that are also found on our forearms, hands and really the entire surface of the body, serve an important function." He says that they are a kind of first line defense against pathogens that land on us. A kind of living army on our skin that meets newly arriving pathogens and tries to compete, professor Dunn said. "A human who successfully scrubbed all of the microbes off of his or her body would be at incredibly high risk of a deadly skin infection." Various species also live inside of our bodies, especially in the gut, which he describes as being "a kind of living wonderland of single-celled life."

Now for the fun part. As I alluded to earlier we've all grown accustomed to seeing ear rings, finger rings, necklaces, but a jeweled belly ring on an attractive figure will catch anyone's attention.

 According to belly button ring guide.com "wearing a great looking belly button ring makes it far more attractive. It becomes a focal point when you meet people and others are always curious about them". I have to say I and everyone I know male and female agree.

So today's article was kinda "tongue in cheek" or "tongue in bellybutton", as the case may be.... I'm sure you learned a little more about sneaky bacteria as I did.  Also it gave me an excuse to post pic's of  belly buttons which I think, can be super sexy, and it is springtime! So by all means clean up your bellybuttons (or your partners) and show them off. Good Luck.

                Have A Great Weekend !!

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  1. There were some things missed in this article, like the fact that the belly button is a scientifically recognized erogenous zone because of its connection to the vagus nerve.